For Educators


For Educators

Family Day Care Educator Toolkit

This series of brochures is designed to help educators, especially new Family Day Care educators.

  1. What is a Family Day Care Educator?
  2. Questions to Ask Family Day Care Services
  3. Family Assistance Law: Your Obligations and Rights
  4. Induction: Key Things You Need to Know When Starting as a Family Day Care Educator
  5. Tips for New Educators
  6. Starting Out Right – Making Sure You Are Acting Lawfully
  7. Consequences of Non-Compliance With the Family Assistance Law

Video: Becoming A Family Day Care Educator


This information is designed to help educators comply with Family Assistance Law.

The Laws

Educators must understand the importance of complying with the laws about Family Day Care.

Child Swapping

The Australian Government has implemented laws to stop ‘child swapping’ in Family Day Care services. These changes affect approved FDC services and educators entitled to child care payments if their child is enrolled for care in an approved FDC service.

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