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FDC Legislation changes

The Australian Government brought in changes to the Family Assistance Law from 13 March 2017 to ‘strengthen the integrity of Child Care Payments Compliance Framework’. Or in other words, reduce the likelihood of serious non-compliance and potential fraud in the Family Day Care sector.

The changes affect all Family Day Care services and may require some changes to your service’s policy and procedures.

Family Assistance Law

Family Day Care services have to comply with a variety of different laws and regulations, including those that govern child care payments – the payments Family Day Care services receive from the Australian Government. These laws are called the Family Assistance Law.


This information is designed to help educators comply with a range of laws that impact on Family Day Care service operations.

Compliance self-assessment tool

Use this online tool to assess your FDC service’s current capacity to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. The tool enables FDC services to self-assess and print a report, with suggestions to upgrade their policies and procedures.

Child Swapping

The Australian Government has implemented laws to stop ‘child swapping’ in Family Day Care services. These changes affect approved Family Day Care services and educators entitled to child care payments if their child is enrolled for care in an approved Family Day Care service.

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